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Jewish Link of New Jersey

Former Teaneck Resident Leah Raab to Exhibit Artwork at Fairleigh Dickinson

Leah Raab, a former resident of Teaneck, a recognized artist in Israel and the U.S. and member of the Jewish Art Salon, will be exhibiting selections of her artwork in September at the Art Gallery of Fairleigh Dickinson University. “My work reflects the paradoxes of everyday life. What is not always apparent or clearly visible is lurking beneath the surface.” Read more...


The Jewish Week

Parsing The Unseen

Born in the United States, artist and teacher Leah Raab has twice gone on aliyah for extended periods, and twice returned to the U.S. Nevertheless, life in Israel, its landscape, religion and history, both past and present, remains a recurring theme in her work. Read more…


The Jewish Week

Supporting Israel With Art

Few subjects have troubled Jews across the globe this past summer as much as the recent conflict in Israel. The violence portrayed on the news stimulated a consequential outpouring of support from Jewish communities worldwide. But an art group based in Brooklyn is showing support through a unique means: a spiritual defense…from a student praying the shema by the Western Wall, to an abstract kabalistic exploration of the mezuzah, the artwork in the show explores a response to hardship and the resilience of the Jewish people. The show’s message is best exemplified in Leah Raab’s “Huddled in the Tunnel” where huddled bodies nurse each other in a concrete pipe during a red alert siren. Read more…


The Huffington Post

Featured Fifty Fine Arts: The Shovelers

The complexities and paradoxes of my life are exposed through the internal conflicts in my works. As I constantly move between the cultures of Israel and the United States, I use color and brushstroke to paint landscapes and cityscapes that are familiar and significant to me so that they appear tranquil on the surface, yet threatened by a looming, ominous foreboding that may erupt in violence at any moment. These are

my worlds, where a sinister reality lies beneath the seemingly innocuous. Read more…


The Jewish Week

Two Israeli Painters To Watch

This year’s MFA exhibition at The New York Studio School, which opened on Wednesday night, includes two Israeli painters working with specifically Jewish or Israeli themes.  Leah Raab paints large-scale images of Jerusalem that are tender and intimate, but sometimes communicate a sense of foreboding. Shany Saar paints narrative works, often of biblical themes.  Both create strong images through an inventive sense of form and color, vigorous brushwork and an achieved sense of pictorial space. Read more…


Richard McBee

Visions at an Exhibition
Paintings by Leah Raab and Shany Saar NY Studio School MFA Thesis Exhibition

Whether it is the disastrous report of the 12 spies or the furious condemnation that doomed an entire generation to die in the wilderness, the Torah narrative in Bamidbar turns terribly grim after the glorious inauguration of the mishkan in the second year after leaving Egypt.  With this in mind, just imagine my surprise at an encounter with two artists who address these (and other Biblical) themes right around the corner.  Leah Raab and Shany Saar recently showed their work at the prestigious New York Studio School (8th Street and Fifth Avenue) Master of Fine Art Thesis exhibition.  Both artists work, brimming with Jewish content, was eye-opening. Read more…

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